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At Art Of Spa we take greate care your of nails so we use OPI and Shellac CND which are the world leaders in Professional nail care products. We stock huge range of nail vanish colour ranges from classic and the lastes collections of OPI and CND Shellac Polish and Gel colours including the younger innovative gel namely  Smart Gel.  For those Ladies who loves long nails or those who have weak nails. You will be pleased to know that we use Absolute & Clarite from OPI and CND addictions which are odour free for all Enhancements and Nail Extension products Acrylic and Gel.  So you can be asured that the products we use will not just makes your nails look greate but it will not damage your natural nails base. 

 Spa Manicure and Pedicure  by OPI and CND Nail Vanish Colours:





 Spa Manicure £20 , includes, shape, buff, soak, cuticles tidy, massage and polish.

 Spa Pedicure £30, includes, shape, buff, soak, cuticle tidy,  hard skin and callus removal, exfoliate, mask, massage and polish. 

 Spa Pedicure and Manicure £45

French Manicure £25

French Pedicure £35

 Shape and polish £15 for hands and £15  for Feet

 For those who are in a rush  £15 additional if you require two staffs working on your hands and feet at the sametime


Gel Colours by OPI, Smart Gel and Shellac:


 Shellac or OPI  Gel  file and polish only £20 and £25 for Shellac or OPI Gel Manicure 
 Shellac or OPI  Gel file and polish only  for feet £20
 Shellac or OPI  Gel Pedicure and Manicure £55

 Shellac or OPI French Manicure £30

 Shellac or OPI Pedicure £35

 £15 additional for soak, hard skin and Callus removal

 £15 additional if require two staffs working on you in the sametime for those who have limited time

 £5 for removal

Nail Extentions for Hands:

 Full set Gel Nail  Extension with tips and overlay  £45,  and  without tips  Sculpturing Gel from your natural nails £55
 Full set Acrylic Nail Extension with Tips and overlay £40,  and without tips Sculpturing Powder from your natural nails £45
  Full Set Pink and White Acrylic with Tips £50

Remove and  new set for Acrylic £55

Remove and new set for Gel £70

 £5 additional for Extra long

 Our price includes normal polish colour however if require Gel Colour by OPI or Shellac then an additional £10 will be added on top


In fill:

 In fill  Acrylic and Overlay  from £25

 In fill Pink and white with Overlay  from £30

 In fill Gel  and Overlay  from £30

 Remove  only  Acrylic or Gel £20

 Sigle nail repair £5

 Nail Art Design from £5

 Our price includes normal polish colour however if required Gel Colour by OPI or Shellac then an additional £10 will be added on top


Nail Extentions for Feet:

 Full set Gel with tips and Sculpting gel overlay £45

 Full set Acrylic with tips and overlay £40

 £10 Additional for require Gel colour instead off normal Polish colour


 Full set Acrylic both Hands and Feet with tips and overly £65


Manicure and Pedicure for Man:

 £20 for Manicure, includes, shape, buff, soak, cuticles tidy and massage

 £30 for Pedicure, includes, shape, buff, soak, cuticles tidy, hard skin and callus removal, exfoliate, mask and massage

 £45 for Manicure and Pedicure


Nails and Hands Rejuvenation Treatment:

 It is advisable to give your nails a break and what is a better way than a hot oil soak, scrub, cuticles tidy, mask and massage and polish. This  treatment will give your nails a   pearly white look and your hands smooth as it deserved. This treatment is suitable for someone who has brittle weak and damage  nails.

 1 hour and  30 minutes £45


Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Rejuvenation Treatment for Hands and Foot:

 Treatment includes Microdermabrasion exfoliates on your hands and feet, soak in hot oil, sharp, buff, cuticles tidy, hard skin  and callus removal, mask, massage and polish

 1 hour  and 30 minutes £65












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